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IDEAS Pakistan 550

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Small Arms Update
Small Arms Chatter While innovative companies explore the future with hypersophisticated carbon fibre barrels that are probably worth far more than their weight in gold, times are nevertheless pretty tough for defence budgets. Yet a few important contracts are awaiting approval in the small ... more


What’s Up?
Hello Carl, What Else? A weapon that is about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its first delivery is usually looked upon from a great height. Others, however, manage to rub shoulders with the century, as exemplified by certain machine guns and the Carl Gustaf presented here in its latest M4 ... more


Cyber Warfare
Time for Cyber War Laws? If electronic warfare amounts to efforts to deny enemies the effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum to pursue their goals while preserving such use for oneself, cyber warfare can be thought of as the equivalent applied to computer and communications networks. ... more

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Night Vision
Lighting Up the Night for Infantrymen! Typically with individual equipment, requirements for new items originate from the smaller units that have the deepest pockets, namely ... more


Naval Robotics
Swimming in Uncertain Waters Underwater, there is an established and growing mission set that includes mine hunting and disposal, battlespace preparation, 3D mapping, lost ... more


Land Robots
Ground Robots: from Throwables to Man-less Convoys Amongst the three environmental elements that are represented by sea, sky and land, the latter is certainly the most ... more

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IMDEX 2015

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Counter Terror Expo UK 2015



AUSA 2013
Held in the American capital at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre between 21 and 23 October, AUSA 2013 managed to escape the governmental shutdown by only a few days. The authorisation signed in early September by the Army Secretary to allow service personnel to take part in the event ... more

PC-12 Spectre_c(Pilatus)

The best way to respond to some mission needs is to add sensors, work stations, extra communications equipment, defensive aids (and even armour and armament) to existing utility or transport aircraft. This can provide a relatively low-cost, well-proven platform that minimises the time and funds ... more

Harbour protection

The Hunt for Harbour Intruders
In the wake of the attack on the US Navy’s Cole DDG-51 type destroyer in October 2000 and on the French-registered tanker Limburg two years later, military, homeland and private security customers started to look at ways of countering the threats posed by underwater terrorists or divers ... more

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UDT Europe 3 June 2015

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Defense & Security Thailand 2015

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