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The Leading Programmes
Frigates and corvettes have always been the combatant backbone of navies around the world. Recent budget reductions and the changing world security scenario have called for more flexible, smaller and less expensive platforms. However, high-intensity operations still require sophisticated ... more


Target Markets for Armed Whirly Birds
Saddam Hussein had tanks, but today’s bad guys are mostly VNSAs (violent non-state actors) with four-wheel drives and ‘technicals’ – improvised fighting vehicles. Either way, today’s good guys need armed helicopters for today’s asymmetric conflicts. Roy Braybrook Dedicated attack ... more

Enduring Freedom

Aerostats As Comms Relays
With an operational history stretching back to the American Civil War, tethered lighter-than-air balloons constitute the most venerable class of air vehicles in service. Requirements stemming from modern counter-insurgency warfare and border security concerns have made such aerostats more ... more


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Land Mobility
Special forces used to be called upon to operate behind enemy lines. In today’s scenario they are still required to move stealthily, although the term ... more

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“Lights” on a Turning Point
With the mission in Afghanistan wrapping up and total uncertainty on what allied ground forces will find in their next mission (or missions), investments ... more

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Mobility Compendium
CHANGE OF AIR: A massive logistic operation is now ramping up, as most elements of the 49-nation International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) are to be ... more



THERMAL EYES: Smaller and Sharper
With constant pressure on increased performance and size, weight and power(SWaP) consumption reduction to cope with the demanding battlefield requirements in terms of target detection, recognition and identification in all weathers and light conditions, the mid-wave (MW) and long-wave (LW) ... more


GROUND ROBOTS: Standardisation and Flexibility
Uninhabited flying systems are now commonplace and are dominating the battlefield as far as short term and persistent surveillance are concerned. Their ground counterparts took some more time to develop, considering the difficulties of autonomous movements on an uneven surface. Since the first ... more


C-Ram Shifting to Missiles and Lasers?
The withdrawal of allied forces from Afghanistan planned for next year will certainly ease the pressures exerted on the need for force protection measures, particularly against rockets and mortars. Although some crash “counter-rocket, artillery, mortar” programmes (C-ram) had been  established ... more

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