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SOFEX 2014
The 2014 edition of the biannual exhibition of military equipment dedicated to Special Forces was inaugurated on Tuesday 6 May in Amman, Jordan, by His Majesty King Abdullah II, himself a former special forces commander. Air and ground segments dominated the exhibition, with numerous aircraft ... more

Fire Resistant ACU_PEO Soldier

Protect that Soldier!
Until they is entirely replaceable on the battlefield by robotised systems, or better still fighting androids, soldiers need to be protected against a constantly updated threat. Gone are the days when men were sent out on the muddy field of Verdun to stop raining steel shells with their chests, ... more


Pin-point Accurate Bolt from the Blue
Targets that are hardened or moving can be engaged cost-effectively by the use of guided ordnance. These weapons used an enormous number of different techniques and developments over the years, but the very later-generation guided weapons all have the common endeavour to reduce collateral ... more

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Indo Defence



Almost 100 Years On, Better Communication Can Still Save Lives Although radio communication has made tremendous leaps in the 100 years since the outbreak of the First World ... more


The Post-Afghanistan Era Attitudes towards drones are changing with the withdrawal from Afghanistan and with a general switch of attentions to the Asia-Pacific region. The ... more


Special Ops
Land Mobility: Special forces used to be called upon to operate behind enemy lines. In today’s scenario they are still required to move stealthily, although the term “enemy ... more

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IDEAS Pakistan 550

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AUSA 2013
Held in the American capital at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre between 21 and 23 October, AUSA 2013 managed to escape the governmental shutdown by only a few days. The authorisation signed in early September by the Army Secretary to allow service personnel to take part in the event ... more

PC-12 Spectre_c(Pilatus)

The best way to respond to some mission needs is to add sensors, work stations, extra communications equipment, defensive aids (and even armour and armament) to existing utility or transport aircraft. This can provide a relatively low-cost, well-proven platform that minimises the time and funds ... more

Harbour protection

The Hunt for Harbour Intruders
In the wake of the attack on the US Navy’s Cole DDG-51 type destroyer in October 2000 and on the French-registered tanker Limburg two years later, military, homeland and private security customers started to look at ways of countering the threats posed by underwater terrorists or divers ... more

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Defense & Security Thailand 2015

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